Saturday, May 19

Mickey's ticking

The other day I woke up ridiculously early, at 5am, trying to get a few more things done before my day job. In my uphill slog to get my website project off the ground, time’s grip on me just keeps getting tighter.

As surely many of you do, I find myself analyzing & prioritizing and “managing” my time through multiple reminders and To-Do lists. I am even ruthless with my “free” time away from the computer; hence my blog posts have become rarer. So during that early morning rush I kept a watchful eye on the clock.

My growing awareness of my rising stress levels whenever I check the time, reminded me of my very first watch. How happy I was to receive it, and how quickly I recognized its tyranny. Being suddenly forced to live by it, I began to hate it.

And then it changed. I received a gift - a Disney Mickey Mouse watch with Mickey’s arms serving as minute and hour hands. I was not a Mickey Mouse fan. In fact being seven years old I thought that this watch was a bit childish. Yet Mickey’s cheerful expression and the way he stretched his arms all over the place just to show me the time, kept making me smile. Sure, I was still expected to live by it, but this watch lightened things up. Whatever happened to that watch?

It suddenly all made sense. As a magazine writer I always dressed dry facts with colourful and vivid stories. At my current job I add funny cartoons to guides and presentations, just to make it more bearable. Why shouldn’t it work with my race against time?

A few browser clicks later, by 6am I found a “ladies” Mickey watch that fitted the bill - fun yet dainty; childlike but not too childish; subtle but not so subtle that it misses the point. 

My new friendly time keeper
A few days later it was with me. And by god it works. I am still chasing time who’s chasing me, tick tock tick tock, must stick to schedules, but now when I check the time at least I smile.
"Substantiate or suffocate, Ms. Vetra. Mickey’s ticking.”
Angels & Demons / Dan Brown
In Dan Brown's best-selling novels “The Da Vinci Code", "Angels & Demons" and "The Lost Symbol", the hero Robert Langdon wears a Mickey Mouse watch "as a daily reminder to stay young at heart". This is true as well. I am not saying that everyone must now go out and buy a Mickey Mouse watch. But I can attest that, as Mary Poppins would say, it can certainly be the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down in a most delightful way.

 “Pulling back the sleeve of his jacket, he checked his watch—a vintage, collector's-edition Mickey Mouse wristwatch that had been a gift from his parents on his tenth birthday. Although its juvenile dial often drew odd looks, Langdon had never owned any other watch; Disney animations had been his first introduction to the magic of form and color, and Mickey now served as Langdon's daily reminder to stay young at heart..."
The Da Vinci Code / Dan Brown

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