Saturday, May 19

Mickey's ticking

The other day I woke up ridiculously early, at 5am, trying to get a few more things done before my day job. In my uphill slog to get my website project off the ground, time’s grip on me just keeps getting tighter.

As surely many of you do, I find myself analyzing & prioritizing and “managing” my time through multiple reminders and To-Do lists. I am even ruthless with my “free” time away from the computer; hence my blog posts have become rarer. So during that early morning rush I kept a watchful eye on the clock.

Sunday, January 8

New Year’s resolution number 2

In the last post about New Year’s resolutions I concluded that it’s better to pat dragons on their heads than to ignore them or run away. However, I also admitted that there are some dragons that just don't respond to this treatment, and then I made a hasty promise to tackle this issue in my next post. So here I am with my three-step-guide:

Sunday, January 1

New Year's Resolution number 1

Is it time to finally do something about the leaking fridge (& bank account!)? Go on a diet? Stop smoking?

A start of a new year is as good a time as any for some positive resolve, but the kid in me kicks in, reminding me of Charlie Brown’s motto:

Tuesday, September 27

Small Reminders

© Tim Yankosky
On our kitchen’s message board there’s an old piece of paper, full of holes. It’s a photocopy of a photocopy of a poem I found many years ago in a children’s poetry anthology at the local library. It says:

Monday, August 29

Cloud illusions for adults

picture by © Richard Collins
Rushing from one thing to the next, every so often I get this flashback. There we are - mum, my brother & me lying on the beach, toes dug deep into the warm sand, watching clouds. We have all the time in the world. The only limit is our imagination’s capacity to spot cloud shapes before they dissolve.

Friday, August 19

Jump for joy

Audrey Hepburn   ©Philip Halsman
“The kid in me likes gadgets and toys – could you include some in your blog?” was the request in an email I received. “A good idea, I love gadgets too”, I replied. “Any suggestions?” 

To my surprise the suggestion was not the last word in electronic gadgetry, but a decidedly low tech one with a high fun factor.

Thursday, August 11

The Red Tree

A friend was going through rough times. She had an inner kid that would normally bounce up & down at the sight of something as simple as beautiful flowers, but not once cracks appeared. Her inner kid seemed to have seeped out through the cracks.