Friday, August 5

If you go down to the woods today

Didn’t really fancy going down to the woods today.

My husband insisted that I needed a break & should join him on his daily dog walk. I have tons of work to do, I reasoned. Sure, the woods are beautiful, but they won’t look different than any other day...

As he was having none of it, I ended up going down to the woods; and I was sure of a big surprise.

the woods on any other day - but not today

the woods today
As it happens, this was the day the sheep were having their picnic.

I don't know if in your neck of the woods (ahh - sorry) sheep lurking between the trees are a regular sight. Around here, in the English Thames valley, it's not.

I've seen sheep grazing the local fields, and in the woods I've seen deer, squirrels, pheasants & once I spotted a fox. But sheep in the woods?

Waiting amused for my husband to document this extraordinary sight with his camera, I remembered two things that Dr Seuss said.

One was: 
"Oh the things you can find if you don't stay behind!"
(in his book "On Beyond Zebra!")

And the other: 
Life is a great balancing act
(in the book "Oh the Places You’ll Go!")
Lessons learnt.


Final note - Credit where credit's due; all the photos in this post were taken by the nature-loving photographer I share my life with, Richard Collins. You can see more of his amazing photographs at


  1. It can be amazing to photo the woods every day for couple days at the same hour, I believe it would be somehow different.
    Nature has its say every time………..
    The photos secretly catch the moment beautifully

  2. Great photos...
    That's funny, I'm imagining the dog running between those sheep :-)


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