Who wants to be a kid again? Well I don't. I wouldn't give up my independence for a start. At the same time, there is so much that we could learn from kids, and from the kid within, such as their wisdom, playfulness & immense curiosity.
And if you could manage to mix adult sensibilities with childlike spirits, wouldn't it be a winning combo?
The penny dropped while I was working on a website ("under construction") about children's media. I realized that many of the products I was researching must not be left just for the kids! After all, some made me laugh, others were visually breathtaking or inspiring; some I gave as gifts to friends.
on my study wall
Looking around me, I found that it's often the childlike objects that are not only incredibly charming, but also lift everyone's spirits. Such as the Quentin Blake sketch hanging in my study, the silly dog brooch on my jacket or the colorful cushions (which my dog loves to re-arrange) with naive bird images.

After years of working as a feature writer & columnist for (print) magazines, writing about design, parenting, research, interviews, travel & politics, it was also clear that what I enjoyed most was writing about & reviewing kids' books and games. And not just because I was thinking of all the kids' that I know & love, but also for these very selfish reasons.

So I decided to share my findings of all things that bring out the kid in me in this blog. And I hope that you enjoy it & share your thoughts on the stuff that bring out the kid in you.

Irit Collins 

"In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play." (F Nietzsche)