Tuesday, July 26

Furniture pebbles

Can grown ups' furniture be playful without being whacky? Yep. In fact, we could even litter our grown up living space with pebbles, yet look sophisticated. This is how.

These “living stones”, by the French design company Samarin, fit even in rather traditional interiors, and form a clever juxtaposition.

There is an indoor & an outdoor version. I looked them up & in the UK they are sold through Made In Design.  Hmmm, I have a birthday coming up. I may soon set up a wish list in this very blog. The kid in me should at least be allowed to dream...

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  1. Irit Hi
    Me too liked these "floor cushion" that looks like pebbles, it reminded me of the big orange "Beanbag seating" we had in our parents saloon in childhood and that I was jumping on it on every occasion :-)
    I liked the look and feeling of the blog, hooray.. no comments.. go ahead.., to the "big project"...


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